About Us

How It All Started

Middlebury Sweets was established in August of  2007. I, Blanca Jenne, owned and operated a small scrapbook store that I had opened in 2004. I ran the business from a building located behind my home and worked full time at Putnam Investments from home.

After being laid off from my job in 2006, right before my due date to have my daughter in June of 2006,  my husband and I regrouped and decided to expand the scrapbook store, as my new full time job, rather then finding another job within corporate America.

 So we decided to build a new building on our  existing business property in East Middlebury. My husband has owned and operated ABC Self Storage and UHAUL since 1998. This business was and still is our bread and butter!
When we built the new building, we added more climate controlled storage units and a new retail space for my husbands office and a new retail space to move the scrapbook store into.

I had sold candy many years ago when I ran a small gift basket business. I loved selling candy! So when Middlebury lost it's candy store downtown, I talked my husband into letting me put a small candy store inside the scrapbook store, because I remembered how fun it was to sell candy!

We opened as "Sweet Surprises Down Candy Lane" and it did very well, but the scrapbook store began to suffer once the recession hit. The roughest time being between 2009-2010.  Because the scrapbook store was doing poorly, we knew we had to come up with a better plan. So I suggested we turn the store into all candy.  So we did it slowly over a couple years time.

 We changed the name to Middlebury Sweets to honor the great town we live in and to shorten the name. Because the old name was surely a mouth full! By the beginning of 2011, we were primarily a candy store and could now boast we were the largest candy store in the state! I also began making my own chocolates in the spring of 2011.

This is the happiest I have EVER been in a career and feel like I finally found my calling. I love making people happy and I certainly love making chocolates! What could be better then that??

Fun Facts!

* Middlebury Sweets was established in 2007 under the name of Sweet Surprises Down Candy Lane!
* We expanded and became the largest candy store in Vermont in the spring of 2011!
* Blanca Jenne began making chocolate in early 2011!
* We have over 1300 different products!
*Blanca has 4 parrots and they come into the shop with her 6 days a week! Including 2 macaws, an african grey & a blue crown conure!

Did you know?
We are the Best Of New England!

"Best Of New England 2016"
"Best Sweet Shop In Vermont"
By Yankee Magazine!

The Store

Middlebury Sweets is Vermont's Largest Candy Store! We have over 1300 different candy items in stock! Our line up includes handmade chocolate, made right here at Middlebury Sweets! We also carry Vermont made products, including maple syrup & maple candy.

In addition to that, we carry a huge selection of bulk candy, including but not limited to, gummies of all shapes and sizes, hard candy, old fashioned penny candies, sugar free candy, rock candy, sour candy, panned candy and so much more! We also have many different fun novelty items including the classic PEZ dispensers.
We carry over 72 flavors of Jelly Belly bean, 21 different colors of My M&M's and 21 different colors of Sixlets. Great for weddings, showers and other candy colored theme events!